Just a little bit of an update as I sip coffee before I eat and get my day started.

First of all, yesterday I was feeling a little unhinged. This whole relocation has left my mind in pieces. I have focused my search to a 10 mile radius from the new job and compiled a list of potentials. From there I have to determine if they look livable, then if they accept pets (for Ernie, not me), then I research reviews to find out if the area is safe, etc. After that I’m going to have to fly up to physically see the places and, maybe, commit. And that doesn’t include all the things that need to happen in Miami for this to be ready.

This has already caused me two nights of poor sleeping with anxiety. I try to not let it, but it’s not really in my control. As I sat in front of my laptop my mind drifted into unicorns and midgets. Not really, but you get the point. I was jarred back into reality by a heavy knock on the door. I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone (and my friends know that I’m not a fan of unannounced visits) so it was peculiar. I got to the door in time to see the delivery man drop off a box – I hadn’t ordered anything. My mom is nice enough to occasionally mail me coffee from Hawaii, but this was heavier. Rather than coffee, this is what I found.


I attended art schools for a while – briefly for computer animation and later for graphic design. During that period of time I did everything from drawing with colored pencils, pencils, conte crayons, charcoal, self-hardening clay sculpting and markers. What I’ve always wanted to do was paint on canvas, but I never did. I mentioned it recently on Facebook with the hopes somebody could steer me in the right direction. Instead of giving me the information, a friend of mine was sweet enough to purchase and send this to me secretly.

I had no words at how sweet a gesture this was. Frankly, it couldn’t come at a better time. With my impending move to a new place far from home and people I know, I will be spending quite some time alone. I will save this for those moments. It’s really funny how one small gesture from someone can make a big difference. I owe her a giant hug. You, doll, fuckin’ rock.

As for the move itself, I really hoped that I could meet the start date of February 10th. I truly did. Unfortunately it’s not feasible. There are so many little parts and there’s no way I can do this. I had the option of having my start date moved to March 10th and I have done so. This gives me the ability to get everything done thoroughly and gives me wiggle room for anything unplanned. I don’t know when I’ll be in the area to scout the places in person, but my mind immediately said “I can go to the Renaissance Festival one last time!” That means I can potentially make the Valentine’s Day part at my friend’s place too, which makes me feel good. I should be figuring out the date of the initial travel VERY soon so I’ll know more shortly.

Early this month I mentioned my frustration with myself (one of them at least). I had gained a couple of pounds and had been struggling a bit. I determined I needed to get my ass back to working out with consistency and not lose the determination and regain the discipline. A long while ago I pointed out a few weight milestones. I was excited when I reached 183 lbs because that was the lightest I had been in years except that when I reached that weight this time I was in better shape. I was excited when I reached 182 because that beat the lowest of over a decade. I was ecstatic when I was at 179 since I had finally made it into the 70’s. My weights/abs day remains the same. Those are ROUGH. My running changed. I had consistently run 4 miles for a few days and finally did 5. When I first started to tentatively start running and was out of shape, this is what my runs looked like next to the ones I do now.

20140117-114806.jpg 20140117-114800.jpg

This is what my weight loss process has been from when I sporadically started until this morning.


That’s right. Guess what? I’m at another new low. As of this morning I’m at 177lbs.


This is greatly due in part to the fact that I’m running the distances I’m running. I’m maintaining the recommended caloric intake, but my running has increased quite a bit. According to my app, on the days I run 4+ miles I’m burning approximately 880 calories. The 5+ miles is burning approximately 950. The first run I tracked which was for .4 burned 57 calories.

Well, I’m needing new clothes. Good timing too, because Maryland weather differs slightly from Miami weather and I don’t really have clothes for that type of weather.


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