Busy January! Let’s see…

Let others speak their piece — you need to avoid coming across as preachy or as someone who doesn’t listen (I’m a great listener and I won’t preach unless you ask me to. Not my role. Just don’t be an askhole and keep asking for advice and then doing the wrong thing). You can still do things your way, but try harder to accommodate their positions, if possible (The good thing about being me at this very moment is that doing things my way is the only way. It’s basically law).

Take the lead in a confusing situation today (Confusing? God damn it. I want smooth and calm)– it will be exhilarating, it will be fun, and it will win you big points with important people (Such as whom? There’s not that many people around me and I don’t need bonus points). And don’t shy away from giving out orders or creating an agenda for the group (Organization? See, that I know how to do. I’ll Excel or PowerPoint the hell out of it). You know what you’re doing (You god damn right I d0), so have confidence (I try! It falters or gets syphoned from me, but I keep trying). Believe it or not, if you just say what you feel strongly enough, the others will agree with you (I only say what I feel. Well, that’s not true. There are things I think about that if I shared people would not approve of)! The tone of your voice will command their respect and earn their alliance — which is a very powerful thing.

Let yourself relax a little (I struggle with relaxation these days) (or a lot) and let other people behave however they’re going to behave (Of course! I’m not your therapist, parent or moral/ethical guide). You might be able to get them to see the light of reason, but it shouldn’t stress you out too much (I try not to. Detachment helps too).

A productive day is on the way, as long as you can let go (Of what?). Don’t hold on tightly when it comes to making big romantic decisions (My life is devoid of romance and with all the things going on it’ll remain that way for quite some time, sadly). Listen to your instincts and then act accordingly. The universe is sure to steer you in the right direction if you’re willing to listen (My instincts or ‘the universe’. Stop it with that crap).

Career & Finance:
Why resist? If a power struggle has been brewing, let yourself out of the ring. There’s no benefit in continuing to fight the tide of popular opinion, so bow out gracefully (I haven’t even set foot in my new job yet…).


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