I have tons to do to be prepared.

The reality is that I’m doing the vast majority of things on my own. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. It’s just very tricky. I did find that people are grouped into a few categories:

  • Convenient Houdinis – The ones who suddenly disappear to ensure you don’t ask them to help.
  • Talk The Talkers – The ones that leading up to your packing, swear up and down that they’re going to help you and then barely do (if they bother at all)
  • Perception is Realitiers – The ones who interact with you, but don’t ask about the move to avoid you asking for their help.
  • It’s All About Me’ers – The ones that shamelessly ask you for things even as they never volunteer to help.
  • It’s Way Too Late’ers – The ones who will feel bad and try to offer help when they read this.

I’m not even concerned about it. People just are the way they are. I just take mental notes in case I decide to return the favor down the road – and I very well may.

This process has seemed endless. I still manage to squeak in workouts and runs, but I’m starting to feel numb from all the work. The house becomes much larger when you have to go through every inch of it. This process doesn’t do much for my social interaction either. I’m basically packing or cleaning or throwing things out during both day and night time. I usually will have my phone close by as I work but I have my Bluetooth headphones on so I can hear music and not go completely insane.

I regularly receive phone calls from people as I work. At one point in time I answered the calls, but all they wanted to do was talk. There was no real point or message. I just don’t answer calls anymore (and I have a few people who will find an excuse now to call me and see if this applies to them – it does). The only good interaction I had been having was with this one particularly attractive girl (Actually, extremely hot). I know, I haven’t really shared the story and I won’t. Hell, I don’t know that I remember much of how it came about anyway. THOSE conversations and interactions I did not mind. Unfortunately that seems to have reached it’s conclusion (No, I won’t talk about it), but it certainly was thrilling while it lasted.  Other than that I’ve been trying to do what I need to do to get the house ready and my new apartment set up.

Speaking of the actual move, I don’t know how much time I will have to see people. I don’t even know that I WANT to see people, but even then, I don’t know that I COULD. As I mentioned, there’s just so much to do and with not much help, that it’s taxing. I found a few things that amused me.

  • The Aw Shucks’ers – The ones (usually hot women) who were JUST about to come spend some time with me had I been living in Miami.
  • The Plot Formulators – The ones that throw you the generic line of “we just must do something before you go” when you both know they don’t mean it and you won’t plan a thing.
  • The At My Convenience’ers – The ones that suggest you see them before you go, but at a time and place that is convenient to them, rather than to me even if I’m the one who is busy and leaving (hint: this isn’t going to happen)
  • The Reverse Plot Formulators – The ones that throw you the generic line of “we just must do something once you get settled” when you both know they don’t mean it and you won’t plan a thing.
  • The Home Sweet Home’sters – The ones that start telling you how much fun you’ll have when they visit and/or stay at my place without an invitation to do so (hint: this isn’t going to happen)

That aside, it has been quite an experience clearing out the garage. I try to do work while going on a mental automatic, but sometimes I can’t help it. At times you get jarred back into the moment. It’s curious how time changes everything. Some things that used to mean a lot don’t mean anything.


This was a cup I made when I was young. I had forgotten all about this, but when I saw it I remembered  it quite well.

20140210-140252.jpg 20140210-140259.jpg

I don’t remember getting this at all. The ex wife was always one of those over-the-top cheesy, girly, cutesy gestures type. I usually liked it, though it takes some getting used to because being Lee means having little experience with this sort of thing and an overall sense of detachment for humanity. I suddenly remembered all the good times I had with her rather than the bad, which showed quite a bit of progress. In fact, I felt awful for all the times I had made her cry. Throwing this away wasn’t as easy, but it needed to happen. I’m not the guy who made someone feel good enough to give this silly gift, but I’m also not the guy that made her cry. This didn’t belong to me anymore so I had to discard it. It was another guy in another life.


I found my old football cleats, which took me back to my first touchdown playing Jr. Varsity. Shook my head as I recalled the preferential treatment shamelessly given by the coaching staff in high school. I was thrilled to see my old track shoes – I remembered how incredible it felt to run at high speeds. There’s nothing quite as exciting as the seconds before a sprint. I laughed when I saw my soccer guards. I had a good time playing soccer one season, but I never put in the work to have decent conditioning. Little known fact – when the rules were changed by Donna Shalala, our college found itself unprepared and without most sports programs. I either participated in or spearheaded their first official soccer, track, football, and volleyball programs – including securing proper coaching staff for volleyball. They should have had a statue for me.


Finding this football really felt wonderful. During my second year of football for the 2 year college, we had incredible camaraderie and a very talented team – including great coaches. It was certainly one of the most fun athletic experiences I have been involved in as well as one of the most satisfying one.

That aside, I have heard from a few people who expressed interest in hanging out when I arrive to Maryland. Suffice it to say that they don’t all have the same intentions. There’s one that tries to keep it as nonchalant as possible, but I happen to know them very well and I recognize the ulterior motive (This is SO not going to take place. That shit was a mistake the FIRST time around), there are some who genuinely (and for some reason I can’t comprehend) like my personality and want to meet up, there is also an old friend who I haven’t seen in ages and we have tons of catching up to do. The rest are the ones who pretend to look forward to being closer so they can visit, but don’t mean it.

Anyway, this has been weird so far. It feels like I’ve thrown away parts of my life when I find things I had forgotten about and discard them. I keep telling myself that better things are right around the corner and that this really is the proverbial “new start” people talk about. I tell myself that I can’t make space in my life for the past because it takes up space for the stuff that’s coming.

In part that’s what makes me wonder who should I see before I leave if I have time? The truth is that I have one party to attend on Valentine’s Day (I think I’ll make it. I’m really not as free as I thought I’d be) and that’s it. I’m thinking that I should simplify my life and just make that the last social thing I do with other people here. There’s always email and social media.

I’m trying to minimize the things that I’m taking with me to Maryland. I have given so much thought to what I must take and even in which order to put them in the truck so that I’m prepared for any contingency. I did manage to pick up some running shoes, finally so those are going to be readily available because although I must unpack, I have to run too. In fact, as I write this I notice the time and realize it’s 5:00 PM. I usually start my runs between 5:00 – 5:30 so I have to get ready.


The most emotional part of this is over. Throwing away parts of my history, part of my life… it’s done. Leaving a history behind that exists since 1997 is crazy to me. Don’t et me wrong, I’ve never been in a place with more inconsiderate, rude, and pretentious people than Miami, but other than Panama, it’s all I know. Finalizing the boring logistics of things is next and after that, it’s the long drive up, which will be an adventure all on its own (and one I’ll track for you guys).

  1. Fredy says:

    This was Funny…which one where you when I moved…i made a mental note in case i needed to use it down the road….lmao

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