That’s how most people operate. They dress the same, act the same, pretend to follow the same sport’s team, like the same musician and love the same movies. Cattle are the reason the news are saturated with irrelevant bullshit while actual current events are barely commented on. Hell, entire careers and financial empires are built based on cattle (see Kardashians, Jersey Shore) even if those making the money have no actual talent to share (The Kardashians owe everything to a cleat chasing, ass-implanted, porn-making girl and the Jersey Shore doesn’t need an explanation).

I get confused so I wanted to share my thoughts on a few current events. I should run the media.

Ellen Page: Cute actress Ellen Page announces she’s lesbian.

Ellen Page
Well, holy I-don’t-give-a-fuckness. You know, I no more would ask someone if they’re gay than I would ask them what position their significant other prefers. This whole thing is even more confusing to me when celebrities are involved. Ellen Page is an actress. She gets paid to entertain me. What she does outside of that is simply not my problem. I don’t care about her sexual orientation anymore than I do her favorite food.

People clamp on to celebrities of all types like a baby with a nipple to the point where people feel the need to share this type of useless and unimportant shit. A celebrity gets in a trouble – the cattle gets up in arms about the celebrity having a responsibility as a role model. Shame, shame. A celebrity makes an unpopular statement – the cattle become infuriated and tells them to stick to (insert job) and shut up.

Here’s the thing, the entertainer entertains. They’re not parents to your children and certainly not role models. That’s not their job and it’s not what you pay them for. They sing, they dance, they play sports – that’s it. It’s your job to be a role model so stop blaming everyone around you and certainly don’t try to ban things due to your shortcomings.

I remember when I took a course in cinematography and I learned about the history of cinema. It was interesting to learn how actors were regular people walking around and interacting with everyone. No big deal. The mysticism around celebrities was purposely created to make them more wanted, richer and more popular. They understood the cattle mentality. And everyone lived happily hoodwinked ever after.

Richie Incognito: Sued for bullying another player from the Miami Dolphins.
Granted, this is an awful situation. Shame on everyone involved – being aware but doing nothing makes you an enabler of the same act. Anyone who knew about this and did nothing to stop it is a dick. There are psychological studies done on the type of behavior where people can see or hear someone get hurt, but nobody does anything. Everyone tells themselves that someone else will do something and, in a way, it makes them feel less douchebaggy. Guess what? The world doesn’t work that way.

At what point in time did we lose our collective balls? All it could have taken is for someone to stand up for the right thing when this Richie Incognito garbage started for it to end. You rarely see anyone stand up for themselves, and even more rare is someone standing up for someone else. See, THAT requires a particular amount of courage. The idea that you could put yourself in some degree of harm for someone else is a foreign concept. It’s easier to hope that someone else will get involved. It’s the equivalent of walking by a candy wrapper on a pristine beach and thinking “someone else caused this. Someone else will pick it up” and think you’re not part of the problem because you didn’t throw the wrapper. Guess what? The instant you chose to do nothing, you became part of the problem.

A teammate should have and could have reminded Incognito that he’s a grown ass man playing a professional sport and getting paid a fucktillion dollars to do so, not a preteen bully in the cafeteria. The instant the last sentence was uttered to Management, Incognito should have been fired on the spot. The problem isn’t bullying, the problem is: what have we created when it somehow made sense to try and spin doctor and hide this in order to keep Incognito on the team and saving face rather than do the right thing? This shit should have been on the news for a total of 15 minutes and Incognito should have been looking for a regular job.

Justin Bieber: Recreational drugs, speeding, arrests!

justin bieber
How many non-famous immigrants do you think would get away with this without being deported? The cattle mentality creates, enables and fosters this type of behavior. The news thrives on it, sensationalizes it and feeds it to the cattle who eat it up like hay. I don’t know a thing about Justin Bieber, nor do I care to.

This type of shit happens because it is allowed to so I’m confused why people pretend that something is wrong. What doesn’t surprise me is how little attention is given to things like the fact that police vehicles were found to have escorted Justin Bieber at some point in time to go do some sort of shit. Apparently it’s common to do, but has to be approved (it wasn’t). The police in that instance were suspended.

Why aren’t people really pissed about this? My tax money pays someone to be in a position of authority. If that gets violated, you get fired. Simple. You are now a thief by the simple act of taking my money and not doing what you’re paid to do. You are the equivalent of the office employee who shows up to collect a giant check and spends 8 hours on Facebook and Candy Crush.

Why do some police offer these escorts? Because through awesome P.R. and mysticism, the cattle must all suck on the nipple of all celebrities to ensure they maximize profits.

Shia Labeouf: Plagiarism! He wore a paper bag on his head!
Well, file this in the Shut The Fuck Up, I Don’t Give A Fuck folder. Yet another celebrity acting like a dumbass should not make the news. This isn’t news. You know what’s more concerning? Shia is 27 years old and missing teeth. Has anyone wondered if that is due to Meth or Heroin? Because that would explain the train wreck of a behavior. Thing is that it’s far more interesting to point and laugh as people go up in flames. A few years down the road when he’s found naked in a bath tub with a needle in his ass you’ll get the “RIP, you will be missed” from the cattle. Pick up the wrapper.

Sochi: Sochi has is so unprepared for the Olympics that it’s BadFunny!

Why in fucktations sake are these things being held here? It’s purely political bullshit to have done so. Why else other than politics and/or greed would you consider holding something like this in a place that lacked the infrastructure or facilities to host it? Why hasn’t anyone demanded an explanation? If the Olympics are supposed to stand for something, why is it held in a place where being gay can get you dead?

A little research finds that what is essentially Putin’s war against gays is so purposely vague that it’s up to interpretation to determine if your ass goes gets fines and/or go to jail. Look it up for yourself. Try to find their definition for “propaganda” or “non-traditional sexual relations.” You won’t find it. Why can’t someone stand up and say “we will not participate in your country because you don’t treat humans like humans.” Politics. Greed. It trumps doing the right thing and standing up for someone. Everyone points fingers, but they’re now complicit. You can’t wag your finger and then give them money. Let’s give your dog a treat whenever he does something wrong.

How about the fact that 2 years ago it was discovered that the Olympic team uniforms were made in China. Subsequently, Congress introduced an act requiring all uniforms going forward to be American-made. I didn’t care to research who made the decision, but the thought process escapes me. Few things are seem worldwide. Where was the sense of pride? Greed is a motherfucker.

Congress also needs to understand what level of failures they are. They are paid $174,000 per year, have too many perks and are incredibly inefficient. Surely there are far more important things for Congress to do than this. Thing is, the P.R. for doing this subsequent to the outrage is brilliant. You don’t have to do much to make people think you’re doing much.

The Weather: It’s so cold, it’s crazy!

Yep. All your social media pics are beautiful. Hey, with record-breaking weather worldwide, has anyone grown concerned? Maybe someone peeks out of their shell and says, “Hey, we’re kind of polluting the motherfuck out of the planet and things are not behaving the way they were?” No? Well, let’s just leave it at that. Someone else will fix it.

Samuel L. Jackson: Gets confused for Laurence Fishburne and rips an interviewer! Hilarious!

I don’t know what the hell was funny about this. The interviewer was an idiot and that was that. Why aren’t people pissed off that Samuel Jackson turned it into a big racial tirade of shaming? If the interviewer was black and the actor white how does this play out? The interviewer is a jester and suddenly it’s racism? How is that acceptable to anyone? Why didn’t someone stand up and say “You’re getting paid to promote a movie. Shut the fuck up with the racist bullshit, promote the movie and get the fuck out of here.” If you sign this man’s check and you didn’t offer a correction, you are the enabler.

Weed: Weed is legal in some state(s)!

This should have happened ages ago. Stop the madness. Besides, maybe now everyone who likes to brag about smoking weed all the time because they think it makes them look cool or rebellious will finally shut the fuck up. I don’t smoke weed, haven’t smoked weed and I don’t give a shit. Legalize it, create farming jobs due to it, tax the motherfuck out of it and do something good with the money.


  1. Barbara says:

    Shia is missing teeth? O_o Guess I missed that one!

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