Horoscope March 24 2014

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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New week, new superstition!

Someone new blows into your life and shakes things up for the better (Damn it. Please, no! I can make beautiful messes all on my own). They have the zeal of a missionary (*snicker* There’s no real zeal in missionary), though their cause may be far from spiritual (Oh, GOD!!!). It should be a positive relationship (Please don’t say the R Word around me. It offends me).

Today is a very good day to look into your future (I’m breaking out the crystal ball right now!) and try to identify possible pitfalls in your latest endeavor. Troubleshooting before the trouble begins is a smart habit to cultivate, so get started (There’s not a human alive that obsesses like me. I have a plan, a Plan B in case the plan fails, and a Plan C in case the backup plan fails)! It’s not that you are thinking negatively about your project (Negatively? Me? Poppycock), it’s just that you like to be prepared (But of course! Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance!)! Having an alternate plan (or two) will not only put your mind at ease (Therapist? Is that you?), it will keep you at the head of the pack (I lead the pack don’t you worry about that). So use your imagination to figure out what might go wrong (I got this, Holmes!).

Be a shining example for someone else (Wait. Like a role model? Me? Have you MET ME?). You’re a person with lofty ideas (Word) and a rosy view of human nature (bahahahahaha!!!), and that’s never more evident than today (Sure, Universe. You’ve got me. I surrender).

Plans you make today are solid (Laundry, taking my clothes out for work tomorrow, cooking dinner and preparing lunch. Solid!)— though your point of view could be somewhat fluid, thanks to the influence of a new, offbeat character (Oh, geez. I’m as offbeat as I can tolerate and I do that only sometimes). Be ready (and willing) to try that new outlook.

Career & Finance:
Show those who consider you set in your ways how quickly you can try on a completely different perspective (Nah! Let them think things are normal. I’m adaptable. I’m way better than I’ve ever been). And — bonus — trying it on doesn’t mean you have to entirely adopt it, though a piece of it may prove useful (If I lick it, I keep it).


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