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“Have a good day and fuck you too!” That’s how the phone conversation ended.

..but that story comes later. See what I’ve done there? I have teased you into sticking around longer; kind of like a really bad date with potential of a happy ending. I’m sorry. I haven’t had my coffee and my humor well may be running dry already.

My Personal Life:
It’s hard to say that nothing has happened lately because that’s not quite accurate. How can I claim “nothing” has happened when I’m living in a new state and working a new job? Basically every single day to day occurrence is an event.

One of the things that has popped up recently is some minor issues with Facebook people. The truth is that there are several people who communicate with me predeominantly through Facebook – few texts and even less phone calls. Thing is that recently a couple of them almost simultaneously started being nonresponsive.

At first I pay little mind because life gets complicated and I’m not a brat, but at some point in time I’ll determine it’s on purpose and I’ll either comment about it, ask about it or simply make a mental note so that I can return the favor (I’m barely an adult).

At some point in time I made a general comment in Facebook and almost immediately regretted it. People took it rather personally and contacted me over it (I didn’t bother to respond – they can think it was written due to them or not. I don’t care) to complain or justify why they hadn’t. Thing is that I know better than most that life gets messy, but there’s not one person on the planet too busy to take 10 seconds and say you’re busy or you’ll get back to me. Nobody. If you can’t do that, well, fuck you too.

Someone actually took the time to tell me how bothere they were that I would suggest it was personal and forgot they do it often. I let it go. I realized it was preferable to just start deleting people from Facebook and seeing how willing they are to get in touch with me afterwards. I simplify.

On that note, there’s a particular friend of mine (a really attractive one) that I have great conversations with. The amusing part is that we communicate very sporadically. We can speak/text for a couple of days and not be in touch for a month. I don’t even mind. We recently spoke again and hope to meet up for a few drinks. It almost replaced the couple of people whom I lost touch with. The girl is paticularly awesome. I’m actually hoping to do something for my birthday weekend with her, so I’m feeling pretty good.

My Fitness:
I recently went out on my usual run – 4 miles. There’s a certain section of road close to the 2 mile mark where tree roots raise the sidewalk. I have tripped several times and always try to make a mental note “for next time”, but I never remember.

This time it was a little different. I tripped on the raised sidewalk and lost my balance. My glasses flew off, I lost my water bottle and I fell. I hurt my right hand as well as my right knee/ankle in the most ungraceful of landings. It took me a while to gather myself and stand up – I also realized nobody had stopped to help or even ask if I was fine. I must have been

Nothing was seriously hurt so I composed myself, sprayed water on my knee and hand and kept on going. It was only hours later when the pain hit. I restart my workout today since I took a week and a half off due to this (and being lazy.) The truth is that it was the first break I’ve taken from working out in ages. It felt great.

The only thing that taking time off pointed out is that my running shirt has two permanent, circular stains on the nipples from the Aquaphor. I have been running like this for weeks. I’m mortified now when I run.

I have also been researching martial arts schools. I hope that I can get involved with that, but we will see. I have to make sure it makes sense and I don’t quite have my bearings yet. We’ll see what happens.

My Work Life:
“Have a good day and fuck you too.” Those were the last words someone screamed at me from the other side of the phone. I was told that in the particular agency I work at things would get messy at times. I was ready for it. The time I spent working for the shitty management company Castle prepared me for screaming, unhappy people.

The screamer was an older Texan man with a strong accent who proceeded to tell me how immigrants have more right than a “real” American such as himself (He must be Native American). In all fairness I’m pretty sure he was obliterated.

On another note, I had tried to get a few select people to go to a bar on the Friday of my birthday weekend after work. There’s a bar across the street and I thought it would be convenient. Turns out that people told people and now quite a few will be going and now it’s not the small event I wanted. I suspect I’ll attend and find an excuse to leave early. We shall see.

My Romantic Life:
Yep. That pretty much sums it up. No “romantic” anything in my life. It suits me just fine for now. I do confess that I gave in. I have been behaving for a very long time and I recently hooked up with someone and it started to seem like a semi-frequent thing. I had started to wonder if I was doing what I really wanted. It would become clear shortly.

I had agreed quite a while in advance to meet up with this person again despite some second thoughts. Last minute I received a brief message cancelling without an explanation. I laughed to myself. See, I didn’t reply to the message. I realized this was a better forum:

You don’t get to cancel and reschedule me. I’m Lee. You’re you. I hope you enjoyed the time because I have concuded it wont happen again. Sorry. No. Not sorry. I was doing you favor, not the other way around. Never get it twisted.

By coincidence, I recently and for a variety of reasons, started telling certain females that I wasn’t interested in hanging out again. Of course I was polite, but it was the right thing to do. When I finalized that and sighed at the realization I had eliminated EVERY female I’ve been hanging out with – I made a new friend. She was very witty and very sweet, but I was fooled by the standard “let’s hang out at my place” where I found out my resolve is weaker than I recall.

No worries. I won’t slip into old behaviors, but it turns out that the girls still love me. It was great to find out even if I lost my purity.

  1. infinitymadness2 says:

    Agreed. I feel the same way. I think even if it is someone close to me, I still wouldn’t put myself out there like “Was that for me”?

    • sirtilc42 says:

      I agree. Heck, if it’s bothering someone THAT much – tell me. However, I received several comments of people who just “knew” I was talking about them (and only them).

  2. infinitymadness2 says:

    LOL I have realized that FB and social sites are so drawing that almost anyone, at any point, can somehow kind of feel like something posted is about them. I’ve done it. I’ve had people hit me up about it. I just figure if the shoe fits, wear it! LOL

    • sirtilc42 says:

      True. I don’t bother to look but if I see something that COULD apply, I ignore it. I welcome anyone who has something to get off their chest to talk to me, you know?

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