My Birthday April 27 2014

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I age like cheap gas station wine.

That’s one of those silly things that I think people feel they’re required to say around their birthday: “I age like fine wine”. That’s our cue to laugh as though we’ve never heard (or anticipated) the joke. It’s things like this that confuse me. Don’t get me wrong – I try my best to enjoy the birthday, such as it is, but I couldn’t stop wondering about things as I went through my birthday.

The day started slowly and I was uncertain if I would even do anything. This time it wasn’t about me just wanting to shut down, but I simply didn’t feel like it. My birthday has turned into just another day to me so I don’t feel a burning desire to do something nor do I feel somehow cheated if I do nothing. Be that as it may, I decided to hang out with a female acquaintance and kind of figure it out from there.

To start, that acquaintance gave me the absoloute cutest birthday card (had I realized I would be writing this post, I would have scanned it) and it included 2 tickets to a local baseball game. Now, we all know I’m not a fan of what i affectionately refer to “stick ball”, but the thought was very sweet. Besides, when I went to Boston with my step dad he took me to a game and I had a blast so I’m open minded. Besides, even someone with questionable common sense such as myself would find it hard to reject a well intentioned present.

Now, for clarification purposes, this new acquaintance has tons of great qualities, but we aren’t compatible for a relationship, so let me put that out there to eliminate questions I would receive shortly after posting it. We are just friends and will remain just friends (friends can do stuff to each other and remain friends).

After meeting up with my friend, I picked up my younger brother and drove to meet my older brother at a Buffalo Wild Wings in his area. My older brother frequents this place very often so as I have been there with him on a few occasions, the servers are very friendly. As we discussed with one of the servers (she’s a cute and really sweet young girl headed to the Air Force soon – good luck! You’ll rock it out!) I was offered dessert and I couldn’t say no. My sweet tooth is very well documented as is my inability to fight it.

So here comes the cute server with my dessert..and a microphone and flashing lights. Well, that’s not what I had in mind. My brother had told me it would happen, but I didn’t believe him becauseI couldn’t imagine someone wanting that much attention for their birthday. It was true. After making sure every living creature was aware it was my birthday, they attempted to get them to say “happy birthday” in unison. I tried to melt into the bar stool, but I realized I had to sit properly to stuff my face. The cutest thing was sharing the dessert with my nephew. That kid is just too adorable. He wound up with just a little more chocolate around his face than I did. In order to remain as low key as possible, I was also asked to wear a hand written paper crown for my birthday as well. I’m nothing if not subtle.

From there we went to my brother’s house where he proceeded to grill a ton of food. Several animals had to be harmed in the making of that BBQ, but they served a noble purpose (feeding me). There are a few things I really like to avoid during my birthday. The main one is that don’t want anyone singing happy birthday. I don’t understand it. The only thing that annoys me more than having to sit through a rendition of happy birthday is sitting in a class room and being handed papers that someone separated by licking their fingers. You know what I’m talking about. People do that all the time as though it’s acceptable to apply drool onto your document. Nobody seems to mind this disgusting ritual, but I digress.

Needless to say, my request for no singing was ignored (It appears that in order to abide by strange traditions people think it overrides what you actually want), but it wasn’t too bad since it was cute to see my nephew singing. In order to further annoy me I had to sit through two versions of it being sung in Spanish as well. The cake was great and it was a great chaser to a good BBQ.

After this was done, the long 1 hour drive back started. Something happens to the time/space continuum beause the drive back seems to take 3 times longer than the drive down. Overall it was very pleasant. It was, after all, my first birthday in my new life in Maryland. It also was the first time in a long time that I did something for my birthday. I hope it only gets better and better.

I was surprised to see the number of messages I received through Facebook. Between wall posts and private messages I usually get about 70 comments. This year that blew it out of the water. I had tons of personal messages, walls posts and text messages (only one Twitter message – I don’t get as much love there). I was unable to thank everyone on Facebook, though I’ll try. I was just not prepared for the overwhelming amount of messages – thank you ALL.

I did get a couple of minor annoyances, but far fewer than before. I STILL have some people who don’t care or don’t see to belive that I don’t want phone calls for my birthday. I make sure to decline the call right away because I wan them to know that I purposely manually did so. The interesting part is that they somehow still have it in them to write me a text to complain that I did’t answer. Some have argued that although it may be my birthday, it’s also a day for my family and friends to share with me and because of that, I should answer phone calls.

Guess what? I haven’t taken calls during my birthday in years. It isn’t accidental and it isn’t going to change. It’s my birthday and if those weird, contrived phone calls make me uncomfrotable, I won’t ignore my discomfort to appease everyone because my discomfort is very important to me. In fact, the rude ones would be those willingly ignoring what I want. If people want to ignore my feelings, that’s fine, just don’t take the time to write me to tell me how rude I am for not answering my phone for the 10th year in a row.

I don’t want to do the research, but has anyone wondered why we sing around a cake for a birthday? Am I the only one that finds it weird and slightly uncomfortable? Are you supposed to just sit there with a goofy grin until they’re done? I don’t even sing when it’s someone else’s birthday – it’s weird to me. I’m certain I have a bad voice, but it’s not even about that. I just don’t understand. Heck, I don’t think anyone understands – they just do it because that’s how it’s always been done.

Anyway, another birthday has passed. This time I didn’t hide in a dark corner waiting for it to go by. I spent it with some of my family and a friend. I had good food, beer and dessert. I received a really sweet card and two tickets to a game. I think my first birthday in Maryland was a success.

I drove my friend to her apartment and thanked her for coming. “You can come upstairs if you’d like.” What can I say? I’m a fan of happy endings..


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