Social media caused me to receive birthday wishes in a variety of ways. It’s funny how that works. Forget the annoying phone calls, it was interesting to see how one can be accessible via so many outlets. It was flattering to receive many messages but due to that all one can do is say “thank you” or something equally lame since there are tons of messages. I thought I could discuss some in more detail.


WOW.. now THAT is a sweet birthday card. I have no words! You fucking rock.


Handsome, huh? I love your poor eyesight!! I had a great day and thank you very much!



Thank you! I love you too! Planning with you is tricky. Hopefully we can meet up soon!


Are you kidding? Bonus points for creativity!! You’re super sweet, love you too and thank you!


Misbehaved? Me? I talk a good talk, that’s all!


Cutie? Well, shit I’ll take that! Thank you!


Thanks and I love you too. You’re right. I didn’t answer your call – or anyone else’s. I never do so why is this an issue?


Ha! You call it crazy, I call it… crazy too, I guess.

In the end, I enjoyed my first birthday in Maryland. Sure it could be better, but it hasn’t been this good in ages. Thanks for all the messages and try to not call me on my birthday next year. Deal?

  1. Johnny says:

    Now would you dislike it if you were sent a singer/stripper wearing your bday cake to your door?

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