Run Lizzle Run 2 Pt 2

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The 5K with my employer has concluded.

I was unprepared for the temperature to be at 83. I had hoped it were cooler. Many of the sections we ran through had no shade so it was rough.

At the start of the race, the head guy ran at a pace that later turned out to be 7 minutes something per mile. Most of the runners tried to meet his pace and stay with him. I fell to the back. I knew better. I wound up in last place while listening to rap music.

As we approached the first mile, I started passing runners without having to alter my pace. The head guy didn’t change his pace. I started passing additional runners but I could tell I would have a hard time reaching the head guy.

The heat started getting the best of me and I slowed to a walk a couple of times. I had my iced water bottle with me and I made sure to take small sips of water and put water on my head. I kept jogging and passing the people who took advantage of my walking to pass me.

Eventually it was the last leg and I tried to speed up though the head guy was not in sight. I completed my run in 29:59. I found out later that I was in second place in my agency and third place overall. Not too shabby considering my injuries, no arches and coming off of being the chubby guy who couldn’t run half a mile…




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