Just because I don’t reply doesn’t mean I haven’t compiled these for another time.

I’ve been kept very busy and there’s so much to do. Due to this I haven’t been able to reply to many messages on multiple media. Let’s go through some now. I wish I could do the video ones, but my stupid computer shows video as a green box with only audio and no matter what I look up online I can’t find a solution.  Anyway, that aside….

Where the hell have you been?? I don’t see you on Facebook much and you’re not posting blogs often enough!
Careful. I’m about to get the impression that you’ve been missing me. I’ve been busy, actually. I just started working 9 hour days and I get home a full hour later than I used to. I also have been working out at least one hour after I get home. By the time I cook, eat and unwind I don’t have it in me to get online and I go to bed early. I have some time this weekend so I intend to work on some blog drafts and schedule them in advance. My job also has no wireless internet so when it’s slow, it murders my data plan. I have a decent plan with a discount but it was killing me. That’s why you don’t see me in social media during the week as much. I have been applying for other jobs in the area, though, not that it matters. Onwards and upwards I think. I hope.

Did you finally get a girlfriend? You’re not getting any younger!
Ha! No. I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m OK with that. You know, when I recall conversations I’ve had with friends who confide their relationship/marital issues in me I become disillusioned with the idea. Of course, my own experiences have been less than stellar, but those I’m working on forgetting. Regardless, it seems that so many people are miserable in their relationships and pretend not to be just for appearances. Others seem to be miserable in their singleness. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of falling for someone frightens me, but I want it. I just want to get it right. If that means being cautious then so be it. I’d rather take my time and (try) to get it right than to invest a lot of time and emotions into the wrong person once again. And so what if I’m aging? I age gracefully. Don’t worry about me. I get plenty of attention, but I’m not really trying to do some weird, random monkey sex. I’m living differently.

Are you back to your whore ways and banging Maryland?
Absolutely not! Although I’m not in a relationship, I’m not going around putting body parts into body parts. Hell, I really only cross that line with one (You heard correctly) friend and I’m OK with that. I don’t really have the urge to go around nailing half the county. What a bad reputation. I think if I shared in detail what my behavior has been for the past 2 years you’d be surprised. The few people that are aware didn’t believe me at first. It’s better this way anyway!

When are you moving back to Florida! I miss you!!
To be really honest, I don’t know that I ever will. It sounds so weird, but I don’t have a reason to leave Maryland. On the same note, I don’t have a reason to stay in Maryland in the same way that I don’t have a reason to go to Florida. It’s just my Mini Schnauzer and I. I am at the liberty to look for government jobs anywhere and just go where the money is. I would love to give you a romantic story and I’m looking for a job closer to someone. Or maybe a story where I realized Miami was my second home and I had a burning desire to go back. Or maybe one where I land some incredible job in an amazing place and a partridge in a pear tree. I was curious one day and looked at jobs in Florida/Ft. Lauderdale – and found some. I didn’t bother applying. For now, I think my life is here. Who the fuck knows where things will take me. I was very comfortable in Florida and there are certain things I miss, but being here gave me some more peace and clarity. I don’t know. Don’t give it too much thought though. Florida isn’t going anywhere. I keep my options open.


Are you still working out and running? You haven’t posted any near naked pics in a while.
I AM. Truth be told that prior to this week, I slacked the entire month. Needless to say, I’m back on the grind. I wish I hadn’t taken the time off, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t call the pics I post “near naked”. I call them progress tracking. To each their own, I guess… I did enjoy all kind of good (fatty) food these past few weeks. Of course now I have the price to pay, but so be it. I’m not a big fan of denying myself much if I don’t have to.

20140624-090919-32959726.jpg 20140624-091004-33004316.jpg

What’s your favorite wine? Favorite beer?
Bordeaux is my favorite wine! I prefer red wine and I guess Pinot Noir, Merlot and then Cabernet. Beer I’m much more open but I despise Bud, Bud Light, Miller and Miller Light. Nasty shit. And nothing beats having red wine (or good beer) with a beautiful girl. Heck, I could go for that right now. Instead, it’s just me, a stinky dog and some Holy Basil tea because I’m 400 years old.

Are you dating anyone?
Damn. Everyone is all about my romantic life. I didn’t even post how many times I’ve been asked this question and different variations of it. If the question is if I have gone on dates – sure. If the question is if I have a girlfriend – no. If the question is if I grew a hymen – no. It’s good to be me. Things aren’t where they should be, but they aren’t where they were. Things could be better, but my life isn’t bad. Not at all. Look, sure, ideally one wants to have someone to come home to and such. I get it. The good thing about having invested myself in my last 2 failed relationships is that I know what I want from someone. I don’t mean only the things I like – I mean the things that are imperative, critical and non negotiable. It sucks to learn it the hard way, but it’s better than not learning it. At least that’s what I say to myself to dull the impact of those people. Don’t worry about me! Sooner or later things fall into place. I’m a cool dude with a great sense of humor and an amazing beducation. What’s not to love?

I’m sick of wasting time with men but want to have a child. Can you be my donor?
That’s so funny. You know, many years ago a friend of mine asked if I would be a donor. I didn’t, but I swear that between that girl and I we would have had a super baby. She’s a friend from long ago that I’ve thought was so beautiful. Damn, she was hot as hell and what a body (Hey, Erica!). I literally paused typing and started remembering how attractive this friend of mine is. We had some great times (but no child). She totally rocks!

Do you still talk to that ex wife / gf?
I only posted this question (which pops up occasionally) because I wanted to clarify that I truly meant it when I said that I no longer had anything to say about those individuals. I barely keep in touch with the ex wife and I wouldn’t consider us friends. I don’t wish her ill or well – may The Force be with her or something. I will say that the last time I communicated with her, she said a few things that reminded me why things didn’t work out.  I was suddenly glad I wasn’t around for that. It was draining and I didn’t like it. The time in between our communications has grown progressively so I assume that it won’t be long before we lose touch completely. The world will keep spinning and I’ll still be a cool, bad ass motherfucker. As for the other one, let’s just say that the last time we communicated was, I guess, some time last year and it wasn’t productive or positive. I know nothing about her life since then and I suspect that will likely be the way things remain permanently. That one actually stings a little bit but the world keeps spinning and you know the rest. I don’t wish her ill or well either.

The people that continue to ask this are people I know well. I know the question arises because I went through some bad times after both these people and I parted ways. It seems that the expectations are that I should hate them. I simply don’t. Not only do I find that I can’t, I don’t really want to anyway. Everyone makes choices, good or bad, and moves on. Sure, some do so far faster than others, but that’s life. That was my life. It happened. They were important in my life. For dozens of decisions or reasons they no longer are. I don’t know what happens tomorrow, but I can’t change what happened yesterday. That said, don’t ask again. If there ever is something to tell, I may share. More than likely, no matter what happens, I just won’t mention it (or reply to the same question) simply because I like to pretend this never even took place. Poor coping, I know, but you’re the one that brought it up.

Would you ever move back to Miami? This place isn’t the same without you!
Geez. This and my past romantic land mines pop up regularly. I would move back to Miami under the correct circumstances. I would have to be a fool to go anywhere and leave a fed job unless I had another one secured. That said, only the promise of more money would encourage me to go through the painful process of relocation. It’s not something I enjoyed one bit. I would rather be fisted.


What has been your favorite experience(s) in Maryland?
Wow. That’s tough. To be really honest there have been many! I really like how much there is to see and do in this area. I liked having my first Pho. The last wine festival I went to was awesome. Running the Foamfest 5K was tons of fun too. I couldn’t pick just one. I truly couldn’t. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I guarantee you that the best is upcoming. I have only been here 4 months. I have barely begun to explore!

20140518-115408.jpg20140711-093525-34525264.jpg20140531-190258.jpg 20140531-190252.jpg 20140511-231753.jpgphoinmate

What’s your shoe size and is it true what they say about shoe size?
Ha! Only you and a handful other female friends would ask that! I’m a 10.5 and it isn’t true what they say. If it were… I would be wearing much larger shoes 🙂


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