I wish it didn’t, but this stuff generally makes me cringe.

One of the prices to pay for using social media is the forced and inevitable exposure to idiocy (I won’t touch on my hatred of the “social media political analysts” that pop up from time to time).

The argument is that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I counter that, perhaps, not everyone’s opinion is equally as valid. Plus, entitlement to your opinion doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want (unless you’re me).

The following popped up a while ago and I rolled my eyes. I saved it and added my thoughts in red:

A lot of men act like they are doing a woman a favor by asking for her hand in marriage (Do they, now? How?) but let’s think about this:
She changes her name (not necessarily), changes her home (likely so does the guy), leaves her family (I’m pretty sure everyone does), moves in with you (or move in ‘together’ rather than ‘with you’. you’re starting off from a rather subservient point of view to force your perspective), builds a home with you (yes. WITH you), gets pregnant for you (Gets pregnant FOR you? Now you’re just asking for a serving of Shut the Fuck Up), bear your children for you (I think those are the children of two people and ‘bearing’ children isn’t something you can assign to a guy), pregnancy destroys her body (not necessarily), she gets fat, almost gives up in the labor room due to the unexplainable pains of childbirth (almost gives up? really? I’m about to give up right now and I’m not even giving birth – though I did get fat), even the kids she delivers bear your name (as opposed to who’s name? the neighbor?). Till the day she dies, everything she does benefits you (what in the world are you talking about? this sounds like slavery and not a partnership. I could have sworn this was a team). So who is really doing who a favor (Neither one is doing the other a favor. You make the choice to spend the rest of you life with someone, to have children together and have a home together. There are no favors in that)? Dear Men appreciate your wife today because it is not easy to be a Woman (It’s not easy being a man either. Or being your Facebook friend for posting this senseless shit). Being a woman is Priceless (I finally agree. I love and respect all of you and give you all a collective kiss. Well, most of you. Some of you test my patience)!!!! Too bad so many women of today don’t even know their value (THAT is very much the truth too….).


In all fairness I didn’t research the accuracy of this, but if so, I agree. The military as well as educators are underpaid. Do something about it. Try to get signatures or something. I don’t know. Incessantly sharing it on Facebook does nothing. This is nothing more than an E-tantrum… and you knew what they paid in the military before you joined. Internet Activism doesn’t do anything.


You know what’s funny about rights? You shouldn’t have to vote on them. If you want to live your life following a religion, do so but leave everyone else alone (and do research your religion for inaccuracies, exclusions and changes). I always delete religious posts, but I never complain to anyone for posting them. I just don’t like the ones that threaten to intrude on other people’s lives. People seem to have an inability to live happily and let others do the same.


Marilyn Monroe is for annoying women what the movie Scarface is for pathetic men. You’re just supposed to love her….so the cattle do. Move along. Remember when you watched MTV Cribs and all the guys just HAD to show they owned Scarface and it was their “favorite” movie? What a coincidence.

By the way, most of the so called quotes you see on Facebook were likely not ever uttered by the person it’s attributed to. Stop the madness. I enjoy the Bruce Lee “trivia” that talks about him doing all type of crazy stuff that he never did – and there’s no evidence of him doing. The internet is a great tool, but it also makes people dumber.


Well…. So tell me, did he do you that huge favor? Is he on Facebook monitoring your activity (like the NSA and DEA) to determine if he should do you a big favor – or not – based on your “likes” or posts? Do you not see the thin line between this and cultists? Jesus! (see what I did there?) Did He not see your typo??


Does anyone ever think that this type of thing is so incredibly unlikely that it’s probably not true? It doesn’t even read like a conversation anyone would have. People can be brainwashed to believe anything if it’s told convincingly enough. Somewhere there are one million zit popping geeks laughing that their creation has managed to be sent out via Facebook. I have coworkers who, for their own amusement, create memes. Sure, they’re not very creative, but they send it to their friends. Where do you think these things really originate?


A child with adult maturity, a sense of gender roles, societal rules and monthly celebrations. This has to be true. Shut. Your. Face.


The masses cattle seem to always be on the lookout for their next senseless crusade. If you’re not politically correct, everyone wants to cry. I love this lady’s story (research it) and how people were angry because she seemed to be “fat shaming”. Hey, isn’t this the fattest country in the world? Rather than try to become healthy we’re trying to make it increasingly the “norm”. Politically correct my ass. Right is right and wrong will never be right. Vote for me. I’ll fix this shit.

Look, if you want to be unhealthy and overweight, that’s fine. You don’t HAVE to look like anything, but let’s not pretend that it’s NOT called fat – or called skinny (Since that’s not necessarily a sign of healthy either. Hell, I know a pretentious “fit” girl who’s diet includes cocaine. She also posts absurd and uplifting things on Facebook about loving yourself)


These are particularly annoying because they make no sense. It’s like if I said: “A goat can’t be shaved without it licking it’s lips so before you get unpleasant things done, lick your lips and go for it.” One thing has nothing to do with the other. This isn’t deep.


When was the last time YOU were in a book store? I enjoy reading and I can’t remember the last time, though I would like to. Also, how creepy would it be if a guy (or girl) approached you and offered to buy you a book as an “in”? Think about it. Finally – if you’re going to “reblog this until it’s a cultural norm” I hope you have a lot of time on your hands… Also, it’s fairly arrogant and extremely ignorant to think that your reblogging of, well, anything, will cause some type of societal change. Who do you think you are? Me?


Now, that’s about right…


Give me your damn input!

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