Just because I was away for a while doesn’t mean that I didn’t compile these.

Some people have been nice and sent me some private messages on Facebook. Some are nice messages: “Xoxo. Miss you being around” and “Hey! Miss you  Como estas?” or “Hey you, haven’t heard from you in a while – how are you?” while others have gone as far as placing calls or texts to see what in the world has caused my disappearance.

On the other hand, I have had a few who become cranky little children because I have not made myself available to them when they want me to (petulant children). Either way, in the process of that, random questions still trickle so I thought that although I don’t know the date of my return to social media, I could at least start working on some posts.

Where in the hell did you go? I haven’t seen you on Facebook in a long time.
I haven’t been on social media in some time. I haven’t “gone” anywhere, I just haven’t gone online much. I occasionally peek on Facebook and log off (particularly when I’m reminded of some of the reasons I left in the first place). I have rolled my eyes at the hypocrisy or the “internet activists” or the fake overly optimistic people only because it’s that time of year. Cut it out already. You’re like the people who start going to the gym after the new year only to be done by early March.

I know you hate when people ask you so I have to ask, are you still single?
Ha! If I weren’t single, you’d know. I feel like there are a half dozen of you waiting eagerly to hear that I finally have met someone. Keep waiting.

How’s the weight loss going?
Terribly! I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I injured my knees months ago and have had to do physical therapy, many X-Rays and a couple of MRI’s. I just had cortisone shot into my knee. Next week the same happens to my other knee and later on for my left shoulder. Needless to say, I’ve been in a bit of pain. It’s OK. I ran one mile today and although I’m in pain, I hope it’s the beginning of my come back. Otherwise, I’ll have to rely on personality rather than looks and that won’t go well.


On the other hand, I purchased new running shoes as a Christmas gift to myself. It’s the little things. Either way, I’m restarting my weight loss today with a tweaked workout regimen to avoid further injury to my shoulder.

When are you doing the video Q&A’s again? Those were awesome!
Right now! Ask away! OK, I haven’t done the videos in a while, but I don’t know when I’ll do those.

What is your stance on Ferguson?
I think there’s not one person on Facebook who has changed their stance on abortion, religion or political affiliation because of a Facebook status. People should cut that shit out. That’s without even discussing those asshole “internet activists” who think they’re somehow helping. My stance on this is my own and I discuss it in private. As should you.

Are you taking applications for a girlfriend?
LMAO! Only with good references.

Who was your favorite teacher?
I had a Spanish teacher named Mr. Vaz. That guy was fantastic and I always wondered whatever happened to him. I wish that guy the best, he was the best teacher in my high school. Really good guy in a school full of mostly douchebaggy asshole teachers.

Are you a punctual type of guy? You look like a pain in the ass, stickler for that type of shit.
I really am. I hate when people are late and I’m the guy who will leave you behind if you’re late. You can’t offer me A and then give me B and think it’s going go well.

How would you describe yourself?
I wouldn’t. I would let you do it for me, but then I would disagree with everything and correct you.

What’s your favorite color? You seem to always wear black/grays.
What are you, 12? Dumb questions aside…yeah. Although you can sometimes catch me wearing blue, I’m partial to black and cool grays. I think you’re paying way too much attention. I’m frightened.

You’re an arrogant ass.
Well, if you’re going to do something you may as well do it properly, you know? Besides, I don’t think I’m arrogant. I think I’m perfect just the way I am… Oh. Wait a minute..

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, but this cold weather is making me dream of Hawaii.

Tell me about something you really care about?
Just being a good person, really. I’m just trying to be good. It sounds basic and easy, but it’s trickier than that. Everything else is pretty secondary. Sadly I think it’s a rarity as most people I seem to run across aren’t good people. Everything likes to think they are, but it falls apart under any degree of analysis.

Who’s the funniest person you know?
Easy. Me.

What are you really good at?
I’m way too polite to say that publicly….


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