Just Bobbing My Head

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I often toyed with this idea (no pun) but I never quite thought I would put it together.

I certainly had little intention of front the money to get this done, but I received a gift coupon for the purchase of a customized bobblehead. This was given to me as a response to a social media comment I made about wanting a bobblehead of myself. When I finally got around to getting the process started, it was a weekend. I woke up early, tired and without coffee. I had a list of things to get accomplished and this was one of them. I realized, in my haze, that I needed to take a front photo and a side photo for them to begin. I figured there would be a sense of humor in sending a bad photo of me so I took one on the spot. Today I received photos as “proofs” for my change or approval. I couldn’t stop laughing in the office when I saw them and I realized I had to share the process with you.



I believe that the process of color selection will also prompt another “proof” session, which I’ll share here and repost. The final product will be displayed in my cubicle. This has got to be one of the sillier and funnier things I’ve been involved in for quite some time.

Round 2

Well, the next round of proofs came in. I immediately noticed that my bobblehead was made as a caucasian man. I rejected it and requested a darker tone, but we shall see how receptive they are to this change. It looks nothing like me.

BobbLizzle BobbLizzle2

Additional proofs came in. It seems they are hesitating to brown me up and paint my glasses black. I rejected once again.

BobbleLee BobbleLee2

I don’t know what makes them take so hesitant to make me brown, but at this point they’re not listening.

bobblelee bobblelee2

NOW they went too dark. I’m starting to be a little snarky with my messages to them, but I’m so amused by the whole screwy process.

“I would like to request my skin color be made lighter. You know, kind of like it is in the photograph I sent you (because that’s what i look like). Also, if you look very closely at my photograph you’ll notice my eyebrows are black. It would be great if that was matched too. I don’t know how come this looks like Steve Jobs, though.”

blacklee2 blacklee

I’m convinced the “orange” version above was a big “fuck you” from them to me for rejecting their proofs. Today, however, I received one that I finally approved. I could have gone a little darker, but I was afraid of turning orange again. This is what I approved and we shall see it upon it’s arrival.

bobblee bobblee2


  1. infinitymadness2 says:

    Wow, that’s pretty awesome!

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