Sometimes I look around me and become alarmed when I start thinking that people are slowly becoming dumber.

Have you ever had those moments where during a conversation you pause because you’re certain the other person is joking…and the chilling sensation you get when you realize they aren’t? I’ve actually been embarrassed by laughing at what I thought was a joke when it was just lack of common sense.

There are a lot of tools that assist in the process of making people dumber. I’m a part of this. Since my relocation to Alexandria, Virginia I get about strictly via the GPS in my phone. I use an app to navigate (I won’t bother to name them since they don’t pay me) and, now nearly 2 months in I still don’t know how to get to my apartment from work and vice versa.

There are some mornings when I am basically in a nearly asleep-state as I drive and I just blindly trust the directions of my GPS to guide me. I remembered back in the days you had to print out the directions, pay attention and go step by step. Heck, prior to that? You had a map. If the navigational app didn’t exist I would have been forced to learn this within a week.

crossroads_gps_installation th

The most terrifying of the Dumb Tools is the auto correct feature in cell phones. Most people have cell phones and rely on them to correct spelling errors. It gets a little scary when I’m on Facebook and see how many people don’t know when to use there, their or they’re. Auto correct allows people to not have to learn it either. Then you get to an office setting and people write as though they should be eating clay in the corner with a dunce hat. That’s not even counting all the abbreviations people use now in text messages to let you know they’ll TTYL.

unnamed funny-quotes-spelling-is-hard Auto-Correct

The most frustrating Dumb Tool I’ve run into are the alarmist misinformation social media provides. I always see people posting these incredibly improbable warnings for scenarios that are less likely than me giving birth to twins. They usually include quotes or documents from non-existent but official-sounding people and places. This could be warnings about “gang initiations” or some Photoshop religious imagery or general hoaxes.

crash 83d9b6b00b83125f7d8130242f22677d the-angolan-witch-spider-photo-that-terrified-thousands-of-arachnophobic-facebook-users-continues-to-be-one-of-the-most-searched-subjects-on-the-internet-despite-being-proven-to-be-a-fake-last-month viajero-tiempo-hombre1 winged-spider-hoax

I don’t know. I guess that’s my rant for the day. As you were.


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