…and like locusts, people’s comments rained down all over social media.

Suddenly, post-fight comments started pouring in.

“Mayweather was running all night”, “Mayweather is a criminal”, “Mayweather is a woman beater”, “Mayweather is going to hell, Pac is going to heaven”, “Manny got robbed”, “if Mayweather would have stopped to fight he would have been KO’ed”…

We can start this off by telling everyone who said any of the above things this: “Shut the hell up”.

If anyone thought that Mayweather was going to stand in the center of the ring and trade punches with Pac (or anyone, really), they don’t know boxing, they don’t know Mayweather’s style and, because of that, should really say nothing. Look, there are different styles in boxing. Floyd falls under “defensive” and “counter puncher”. That means you can usually expect Floyd to not initiate the aggression and to punch in response to punches thrown by his opponent. Would anyone expect Mike Tyson to turn defensive wizard and master counter puncher? No? Of course not. Shut the hell up.

I read many comments about Mayweather’s run-ins with the law, abuse and overall dickish behavior. When were the instances of abuse? Years ago. Where were your comments about this throughout that time period? If you weren’t drumming support for/against that then, you don’t actually have a cause. You’re not doing it for a cause, you’re doing it to have something come out of your mouth. You’re the type that posts messages like “RIP you’ll be missed” when a celebrity you didn’t talk or think about dies just because there’s a bandwagon to jump on. Personally, I don’t think an athlete needs to show good sportsmanship. I think it’s an outdated concept, but that’s an argument for another time. I do, however, hate that Mayweather seems to be a giant dick (I don’t know him. Do you?). You know what I do? I haven’t purchased any of his fights for years. I refuse to have my income become his income. Does it make a difference? No. He became even richer last night despite my boycott. It makes me feel better, though. Did you E-Crusaders buy the fight but also hop on the soap box to point out how much of a bad guy he is and why people shouldn’t root for him? You’re a hypocrite. Shut the hell up.

By the way, when you do those moral stances, you have to do it across the board if it’s really for the cause. Don’t watch movies with actors that have reprehensible actions in their past. No news with anchors with the same. Don’t forget to not listen to music with people with criminal or morally corrupt backgrounds. Make your stance but stop the hypocrisy and don’t wag your finger in disapproval at people out of convenience. Shut the hell up.

To those fanatics who keep discussing your religion, superstition or cult over this: there is no evidence of gods, heavens or hells. Stop bringing your religion into everything. If there are gods, you’re assuming they’re boxing fans and care (or cause) the result. Praying doesn’t make you a good person. Stop forcing your religion into everything. Can’t a thing just be a thing? Shut the hell up.

Finally, those who actually said Pac was robbed and that Floyd was running the whole night. I roll my eyes so hard that I can see my brain when I read it. Mayweather threw only 5 punches less than Pac and outlanded him by about 67 punches. What are you talking about? Blind hate is just as ignorant and blind fandom. Shut the hell up.

Oh, and to Floyd Mayweather: stop saying you’re the best ever. You’re absolutely in the list of one of the best ever and hands down a hall of fame boxer. You can’t be the best ever if you don’t fight the best opposition available. Sadly, in boxing that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the belt holder, which is what you’ve usually done. We can’t know how good you are if you don’t push yourself. You’re one of the best, not THE best. Shut the hell up.


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