The world is fucked up. Sorry. That’s just the way it is.

I’m almost at a point of existential nihilism because I think the world is irreparably damaged and so are the people in it (want to see a good example of how messed up people are? Watch them drive. It’s the greatest example of self centered, selfish and aggressive behavior people have!).

I avoid watching or reading the news these days because it’s full of violence, death and hate. On my day to day life I try to be a good person so I thought I would deviate from my usual tone and share some thoughts of how to be kinder. Or just more fuckin’ awesome. Some of these are borrowed, others are not, but go out and do one, for fuck’s sake. Make the day a little better.

Oh, but don’t worry. I already have a blog post with a different tone that is certain to ruffle some feathers.

Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness…

  1. Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  2. Compliment a stranger (in a non-creepy way – you know who you are)
  3. Donate your talents (are you good at something? see who could use your talents and let them borrow it)
  4. Send paper thank you notes (there’s something more personal about hand written notes and it’s always appreciate)
  5. Pay for the coffee, the toll, or the bus fare for the person behind you
  6. Let the person who seems rushed cut in front of you
  7. Hold your tongue (Pause before speaking or writing when you are mad, agitated or doubtful)
  8. Be empathetic (Really try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What you find may surprise you)
  9. Be thoughtful
  10. Hold the door open for someone (if someone holds it open for you, don’t forget to say thank you)
  11. Be encouraging
  12. Let people merge-in during traffic
  13. Help people move
  14. Say “Thank you”, a lot – Everyone works hard. Thanks are especially important to the postal worker, the government employee, the DMW clerk, the bus driver, the grocery store cashiers (especially when you bring up all that produce and they have to look-up every single code) and baggers
  15. Call your parents and tell them you love them
  16. Don’t be annoying – Make a conscious effort to avoid doing the things you know annoy your spouse (or roommates)
  17. Volunteer
  18. Give freely – Go through your things and give freely to those in need
  19. Make extra copies of photos and send them to the people who are in the images
  20. Call everyone you know and tell them you love them
  21. Give warm clothes, shoes, and boots to the homeless

  22. Help someone whose car has broken down
  23. Connect people to each other
  24. Walk the cart back to the front of the store
  25. Reach out to a person who has made a difference in your life
  26. Send a care package to a solider
  27. Listen when no one else wants to
  28. Be patient
  29. Try to find goodness in the person you don’t like (if it were easy it wouldn’t be as valuable)
  30. Be kind to yourself Make peace with your past mistakes. Use that knowledge to help others who might be going through the same thing.
  31. Let it go (You have to forgive yourself)
  32. Be someone’s cheerleader
  33. Already sweeping leaves or shoveling the snow off your sidewalk? – Do your neighbors sidewalk too.
  34. Do nice things and don’t tell anyone about it
  35. Notice a kid being well-behaved? – Tell their parents how good they are while the kid is standing there. It will encourage the kid to continue being good, and will make the parents feel good.
  36. Compliment people in front of others – For some reason compliments hold more weight when they’re done in front of others.
  37. Bring donuts or other delicious sweets to work
  38. Give chocolate generously and often
  39. Bake a cake for the birthday person
  40. Don’t complain
  41. Recognize the good in others (granted, sometimes it’s harder than others)
  42. Look for the best in the situation (whichever it may be)
  43. Leave nice comments on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook
  44. Stand up for the underdog
  45. Come to the rescue of someone in need
  46. Smile easily and laugh (Even at the so-so jokes – and always at mine)
  47. Share – Even if you don’t really want to
  48. Let someone else have your seat on the crowded bus, light-rail or subway
  49. Do the task no one else wants to do
  50. Don’t leave others waiting for you – Be on time
  51. Tell your partner how amazingly “hot” they are
  52. Tell your partner what a good hair/butt day they’re having
  53. Tell your partners parents how talented your partner is at something
  54. Tip generously

  55. Say “Hi” to strangers
  56. Smile at people
  57. Help lost people
  58. Offer a ride to someone who is car-less
  59. Help that stressed parent by offering to babysit
  60. Thank your co-workers for doing a good job, for getting extra supplies, for thinking ahead, for being easy to work with
  61. Donate your old car and clothes to charities
  62. Go to your friend’s kid’s event
  63. Buy the stuff the neighbor kid is selling
  64. Stop at the neighbor kid’s lemonade stand and make a purchase
  65. Skype or FaceTime with the kids in your life (Got siblings, nieces, nephews? Take the time. They’ll remember)
  66. Pick up the tab
  67. Avoid gossip
  68. Be understanding
  69. Spread the word (Let people know you’re trying to make positive changes – let them join!)
  70. Be inviting – Ask people to do something with you
  71. Leave extra time in the parking meter
  72. Hang out with the person who just moved to town (Always try to see it from their point of view)
  73. Be understanding of traveling parents with the grumpy or noisy kids
  74. Pack extra snacks and offer them to your co-workers or friends (My co-workers and I share snacks often and it’s greatly appreciated)
  75. Leave good books (or other nice stuff) for your fellow apartment dwellers to take from your shared common spaces
  76. Forgive the person you used to hate back in the day (Particularly if it was me. I’m nice. I rock)
  77. Make amends for the wrongs you have done (Only you can do it and you’ll feel better)
  78. Respect your partner and don’t make decisions without their input
  79. Let someone else have their way without putting up a fight about it
  80. Donate your vacation or sick days to a person at work who is struggling with cancer or another horrible illness
  81. Participate – The people who organize events always worry that no one will take part. That ugly sweater contest or bake-off needs you!
  82. Respond timelyEven if you have to say, “Hey, just wanted to let you know I got your email and I’ll get right back to you.” People like to know they’re not being ignored.
  83. Don’t leave people hanging If you’re not into something someone suggests just tell them so (especially in a professional or work-related situation – don’t act like they’re a date that you want to stand-up/avoid- not professional or cool, at all. Be kind.)
  84. Lend your expertise Know intellectual property law? Help out a friend who really needs that assist.
  85. Send a surprise book to someone from an online retailer (A co-worker did that when she knew my fascination with psychology. It was very thoughtful and I intend to return the favor)
  86. Don’t let your friends (or co-workers or acquaintances) be alone on the holidays
  87. Listen to someone’s life story
  88. Be friendly on public transportation
  89. Keep your bad attitude to yourself
  90. Decorate for the holidays (sometimes you’ll do it against your own will, but you will be glad you did!)

  91. Be happy for others
  92. Be super enthusiastic when people have good news!
  93. Don’t butt-in or give advice when you’re not asked for it – Have confidence in others; trust that they are fully capable of being in charge of their own lives.
  94. Mind your own business
  95. Help people out who might be feeling awkward
  96. Generously give your knowledge
  97. Have you discovered something that has changed your life? – Share what you know and inspire others to change their lives too
  98. Spread the goodness – Let others know you are on a mission to spread kindness and they will be inspired to do the same
  99. Leave a gift for someone in a random public place such as on a park bench, at a bus stop, the library, a coffee house, or restaurant. You can even stick around and catch them finding your gift to see their reaction!
  100. Tutor a younger person in reading. You can find a local literacy volunteer organization through a Google search on “Literacy Volunteers Your State.
  101. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, helping serve a meal or with any organization that you feel passionate about. VolunteerMatch is a great website where you can find many organizations in need of help and searchable by zip code, state and keywords.
  102. Lend an elderly person a hand, if you see them struggle to reach something in the grocery store or while doing another activity.
  103. Express your gratitude to a teacher or someone who has made a difference in your life. With a letter or in person, share with them how their kindness, support or a gesture has affected you and how grateful you are to know or have known them. You can be sure that you will make their day and even move them deeply.
  104. Buy a dozen donuts or bagels (pizza???) for a sports team at a local school, a firehouse or police station.
  105. Thank a service person such as your postman, military, a police officer or fireman for their hard work and dedication to serving others. You can simply say thank you or even create a special surprise for them.
  106. Buy 10 lottery tickets and give them out to people on the street, wishing them good luck.
  107. Cheer up a loved one by giving them an unexpected gift. You don’t need to spend a lot; it’s the thought that counts.
  108. Hide notes of encouragement in your spouse’s or child’s lunch box or in a coat pocket, shoes or other place where he or she will receive this nice little surprise.
  109. Start a campaign to help an individual or a group.
  110. Call someone who you haven’t talked to in awhile and let them know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you are sorry you’ve been out of touch.
  111. Enroll your children in going through their toys and donating the ones that they don’t want. This teaches children to be of service at a young age. Bring them with you to the place where you will be making the donation so they can see the appreciation of the organization and feel good about themselves.
  112. Plant a tree or flowers in a neglected area in your neighborhood. A modern day Johnny Appleseed who sees the world in plants has been transforming his neighborhood one tree at a time.
  113. Help a family in financial need by cooking them a meal, bringing them groceries, giving them clothing, or even money. Do it in a way that makes them feel good about your gift.
  114. Sincerely compliment someone every day, whether it be their physical appearance, their character, or what they’ve accomplished in spite of difficulties.
  115. Let someone into traffic who looks like they are in a rush.  Remember though to be very cautious especially if either of your vision is impaired.
  116. Shop for someone who is homebound or ill, especially in bad weather.
  117. Talk to people you encounter every day like at your coffee shop or on your commute, even if it’s for a minute or just to say hello. This small exchange helps to make people feel recognized and valued.
  118. The next time you have exceptional service at a restaurant make sure to tell the waitperson’s manager what a fine job they did, either in person or in writing.
  119. Donate your used books and/or magazines to a local library.
  120. Let a debt go that someone owes you whether it be monetary or something else which has them feel indebted to you. Only ask that they “pay it forward” in the future when there comes an opportunity to help someone else.
  121. Give up complaining for 21 days and, as a result, become more positive, hopeful and optimistic as the website A Complaint Free World says. Not complaining is kind because your positivity will help others to do the same. (I haven friends who can’t go 21 minutes…)
  122. Send someone an e-card for a special occasion or to let them know that you are thinking about them. A great website for e-cards is
  123. Treat a friend to a nice dinner and movie for no special occasion, just to celebrate a friendship.
  124. Leave a newspaper, magazine or even a book at a coffee house once you’ve read it for the next person. You can add a note that says you hope they will enjoy it as much as you did.
  125. Be kind to someone you dislike by going out of your way to say hello and how are you. This could be the start of an unexpected friendship.
  126. Donate blood to the Red Cross and tell of your experience, encouraging others to do the same.
  127. Ask for forgiveness. Whether the hurt you caused was intentional or not, commit to asking the person you have hurt for forgiveness. This can be done in person or, a less confrontational way, by writing a letter.
  128. Buy an inspirational book for someone who needs some uplifting.
  129. Make a child’s wish come true through the Make a Wish Foundation, the nation’s largest wish-granting organization. You can help give hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions.
  130. Give a presentation to a classroom of students on your occupation or an area of interest that you are passionate about.
  131. When you get the urge to make an unkind remark to a loved one, think again. Those words can have a negative impact affecting the person, in some cases, for a lifetime.
  132. Be kinder to yourself by embarking on a self-care crusade. This can mean taking better care of your health, getting regular massages, meditating, taking a yoga class, watching your finances by going on a budget, leaving a bad relationship, going after what you want in life, and avoiding negative self-talk. Make it your priority every day to take better care of yourself!
  133. Enter someone in a competition who you think deserves recognition in some area such as “Business Person of the Year”.
  134. Say “thank you” and “please” as generously and often as possible.
  135. Always keep your word. This is one of the kindest things you can do, especially when it comes to arriving on time to parties, appointments, and to meet friends or family. Being your word, acting in line with what you say, is a true expression of respect towards others.
  136. Think about a loved one or friend who has a need and respond to that need. Whether it be to lend support in their job search, helping them with a project, or just offering your ear whenever they need to talk.
  137. Tolerate a loved one’s behavior a little more than usual. This may have them wondering what’s gotten into you, and you can respond that you are practicing compassion to be an even kinder, better person.
  138. Use less energy by remembering to shutoff lights, carpool to work, turn down the heat, use CFLs instead of regular light bulbs, and other kind measures to help take care of our precious environment.
  139. Give someone recognition on your blog or website who deserves it. You can start a special section for acknowledgements.
  140. Comment on a blog where someone is making a special effort to educate or help people. Not often enough do people who do good in the world everyday get acknowledged for their efforts. You can even aim to do this once a week on a new blog. (I should follow this one. I know a few amazing people)
  141. Be honest. The next time you are tempted to tell a white lie or leave something out that the person has a right to know tell the truth. This is always the kinder thing to do even when it may sting the person initially, in the long run people want to know for the most part.
  142. Throw someone a surprise party to acknowledge a birthday, a homecoming or milestone. Plan to have a few people speak about how this person has impacted their life and all that is special about them.
  143. Become a foster parent and provide a loving home to a child who truly needs one. You can contact the National Foster Parent Association to get started.
  144. Adopt a pet from the humane society near you. You can even search for a pet locally through
  145. Invite someone new for dinner such as a neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member. Don’t worry if you can’t cook. The gesture is what counts.
  146. Write your “Bucket List”, a list of all the things you want to do with your life and include at least one act of radical kindness.
  147. Help someone who wants to lose weight by being an exercise buddy. You can offer to go to the gym with that person or be an attentive ear when the person needs help sticking to the goal. This can be offered for anything for that matter, to someone who drinks, smokes or shops too much.
  148. Give your spouse or mate a much needed back or foot massage. Ask for nothing in return.
  149. Finally, resolve to Be Real in life. A truly kind person will be authentic with their words and actions, realizing the negative or positive impact they can have in every encounter.This is just my “Let’s try to be better” post. Tomorrow I’ll be back what has been annoying me on Facebook.

Give me your damn input!

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