I had a great laugh at some of the responses I received over a couple of Facebook comments regarding Cecil the lion.

I started it off with posting an article called 6 Things That Happened While The Internet Was Melting Down Over a Lion. The initial response was funny. Someone who is equally as sarcastic and tongue in cheek wrote “Lion?”


Other people scrambled to get their soap boxes and wag their fingers at me while others tried to make some sense in their explanation (as unrequested and unwanted as it was). Someone pointed out how great it was because it’s great to have attention focused on this as it was long overdue. It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it. Others pointed out how ‘noticing’ one injustice did not mean you ignore others. It’s not the point. Some were riled up to the point of challenging me by asking what I was doing to better the world aside from pointing out my dislike of how others deal with awareness (more than this amazing blog??). The Cecil madness was also compared to the ALS ice bucket challenge because that increased awareness of ALS. One even was flustered enough to say that perhaps it was my friends who weren’t very informed. It made me laugh how personal people were willing to take this.


The most brilliant response was from one of my “not very well informed friends” who happens to be one of the most intelligent people I know:
People find comfort in being unthinking lemmings. They scramble to the controversy du jour, bloviate with empty, echoed rhetoric as if they’ve ever cared, opine ignorantly and often at odds with their stated goal, and then forget about it the following week when their progressive thought masters offer the useful idiots something else to get verklempt about.

That dentist has done more for animal conservation than the combined efforts of every single social media knucklehead who spent 14 seconds re-posting someone else’s words or images. And, frankly, there are way too many actual human beings killed unjustly around the world to have a lion shoot up the make-a-stand priority list at the expense of all other causes. Especially since the dentist’s demand (and the significant $ he backs that demand with) is the key ingredient to protecting these animals. While this mob of digital vigilantes sharpen their pitchforks, they should take five minutes and google “tragedy of the commons.”

I really wanted to give him a trophy for it. I don’t really bother to do the usual Facebook back and forth with people because I would have to actually care to do that. Now, the blog doesn’t count because it’s for entertainment.


was he in your heart BEFORE??

OK, look. Of all the people who were sharing and commenting about this lion I THINK 3 are people whom I know to be actively involved in some type of conservation or assistance to animals. It is as much of an admirable cause to stand for as any other. Sure, I wouldn’t know ALL the people who do things for animals, but my common sense tells me that the vast majority don’t do, haven’t done and won’t do anything to support animal rights or conservation.

I read a few idiots saying that the dentist who shot Cecil should, in turn, be killed. One said “I say we just skin him and mount his head over the fireplace..” That was interesting to me because at that point the dentist hadn’t actually spoken yet. It didn’t matter – the pitchforks were out and the torches were lit. This mas was guilty until proven innocent. That’s not the way it works. It never crossed their mind that this guy might have been innocent. I think hunting for sport is dickish, but maybe this guy had a something to say.

It didn’t matter. Celebrities used this opportunity to talk about conservation (even though they hadn’t previously) to be in the spotlight. People took the opportunity to puff out their chests and make it about themselves by speeches, Facebook posts and acting bitchy if you disagreed. The “news” posted items fanning flames because a nasty American had murdered a lion that was the symbol for a country and people in Zimbabwe were like “what lion?” That’s right. The people in Zimbabwe were probably waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out of a bush and tell them they were being Punk’d because they didn’t actually give a crap.

To be clear, I really dislike the idea of hunting for sport. I would like to go hunting, but I would eat it. I don’t have a desire to hunt something so that I can have a stuffed bear in my living room. I also know that hunting (done properly) can help in conservation (look this up yourselves, I’m not an educator), not just a poor economy. Feel indignant? Go volunteer time to help places that help in conservation. Go donate money to it. Sharing your one-sided, flame-fanned stories don’t do squat. Hell, last time I read, the dentist’s actions had caused donations for conservation to reach nearly $1,000,000. By all means keep sharing all the little stories you want but stop pretending that you’re actually doing something by that. You’re not. Also, don’t tell me that you can “care about more than one thing”. All you’re saying is “I can share more than one thing on Facebook” but you still haven’t lifted a finger.

As for ALS… that ice bucket challenge was a very ingenious way to put it out there. However, Most people still don’t know what A.L.S. is or what it stands for. I was also amused at how many people did the challenge just to post a video of themselves and didn’t donate.

They’re what I was referring to in the first place. The fake participators. The followers. The sheep. The ones that do it just because it’s the cause of the moment. All they did was dump ice on their heads and didn’t donate – so they didn’t help. The people who “care” so much about Cecil the lion that ignore that Zimbabwe doesn’t even care and didn’t notice that one of the pictures I have above is from Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion from Daktari.


By the way, I never explain myself. I never have to. I just really wanted to this time. Just in case there’s another soap box stander wondering what am I “doing to make things better”, allow me to tell you. Forget the fact that I work for an agency of the government that allows me to help people daily. It’s now the 4th year where I donate to both a center and individual people, I also was a part of the Big Brother Big Sister Program in Miami prior to my relocation, just a couple of months ago I got a thank you certificate for my participation with the Combined Federal Campaign and just yesterday I received a thank you letter for volunteering my time with a new program with the Play Academy (for doing free design work and assisting people at the center). I played those so close to the chest that some of my closest family members weren’t aware of it until they read this.

Now go do something to make the world a better place. Take a stand for something. Help someone. Donate to a cause (after you research how their money is actually distributed) but for crying out loud don’t puff your chests out simply because you hit a share button on social media….and certainly don’t puff your chests out, wag your fingers at me and demand I explain what I’m doing other than complaining that you’re only hitting “share”. I’m a step ahead and I knock soap boxes right out from under people. Like I did just now.


Give me your damn input!

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