For those not keeping track, I guess it was time to check back in.

No, I hadn’t forgotten that I had this blog. It’s just that my mind has been everywhere for months and I find it hard to  concentrate. It’s not as though I haven’t found things to write about – hell, just the social media posts alone provide me countless posts, but my mind hasn’t been in it. Maybe the feng shui is wrong in my apartment lately? My posts are in retrograde or something? Am I ovulating?

Regardless, as I continue to create draft after draft, but never quite finish a single post, I figure I could at the very least update you on me.

Work is going well, I guess. I mean, it’s a highly dysfunctional office, but it’s going well. I find that I often have to pause and think about what I’m going to say before I say it. Much more so than usual. It’s a particularly diverse group of people with different religions, varying degree of religious fervor, drastically different degrees of intelligence and life experiences.

Some people have annoyed me with their religious fanaticism and I can’t count how many times I’ve heard that someone or something is “blessed”. There’s also a stigma (in religious eyes) attached to someone who says they’re not religious. Once you do that, there are always questions as to why (because they’re certain they’re right – despite there being over 5,000 ‘gods’) and an attempt at educating you as to why they’re right. It doesn’t happen as often now, but I’ve actually had to defend my position of not being religious as though not believing in gods and monsters and talking snakes is an odd concept.

Other times they violate my standard rules of email and texting etiquette. For example, they can do a birthday celebration for the month of August and then someone will send an email out to the group saying “great job and thanks to [insert name] for a great effort”. No big deal, right? Until another and another and another person do the same thing by hitting “reply all”. I had missed a few days of work and just on that type of junk mail, I had 37 messages. I didn’t bother saying anything (though I guess that’s a matter of time). More recently they did the same via text messages, but I replied all and asked them very politely to please not respond to this message and reply only to the sender. Only one person had an issue with my message and sent me a text to find out why I was grumpy. I humored her and told her that I simply didn’t want to be caught in endless loops of irrelevant text messages. I knew we weren’t having the same conversation when her response was in defense of it. Some people don’t realize when you’re not actually having a debate. No means no. That applies regardless of what you feel about it.

Either way, I am also applying for other jobs all around the U.S. Chasing the money, I guess. It still feels weird that I don’t have an attachment to a place and I can go off wherever I want. I remember being terrified at the thought of leaving Miami after so many years and now I just want the next adventure…be it here or elsewhere.

My personal life is good. It’s odd because I don’t have much to stress out about, which I’m very good at. My main issue is the fact that I had to go through arthroscopic surgery on August 21. I will know more tomorrow as I have a follow up with the surgeon followed by physical therapy the day after. I’m now on negative leave hours at work, but screw it. This needed to happen.

Other than that, I’m still exploring the Northern Virginia area and enjoying the process of that. I do admit I’m feeling the itch to get out of town, but the issue with not having enough leave complicates it. I guess I could go for a weekend somewhere, but it prevents me from going very far. Some of you need to come visit instead.

Speaking of which, I went out the other day to stretch my injured leg and as I walk out of the store I see that a very attractive girl is walking in front of me. I briefly admire her and go about my business. I couldn’t help but notice that there was construction going on by the parking area. Well, the construction stopped when the girl walked by. Quite literally every one of the guys that was there stopped what they were doing to stare at this girl. I was suddenly grossed. They poked each other on the ribs to keep looking as they made comments to themselves. This one dirt bag walked around the vehicle to get a good look and not have his view blocked. I swear they stopped just short of whipping it out and stroking it.


Maybe if I stare long enough she’ll notice and come touch my peepee.

My love life hasn’t progressed. This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing, it just hasn’t progressed. I keep an active social life but a relationship has taken a back seat to my knee injury and health. I’m OK with that. One day I’ll have an update on it and you will all cry at the thought that I’m no longer single.

Or maybe I’ll take up construction and stare at women until I meet one.

My fitness has gone up in flames faster than the Hindenburg.


One minute I’m close to my fitness goals and the next I’m out of shape and limping. It has now been about 1 year and 2 months since the injury started and I have no idea what’s going to happen. The surgeon will see me tomorrow and I’ll know more and I’ll do physical therapy the next day. I don’t know if the surgery fixed much (or anything) or if I’m expected to heal or not. I would love to think that I will be able to run again once I’m done with therapy, but I don’t know. I enjoy running, it also helps me with anxiety and stress. I also miss being in actual shape rather than fat.

Usually this is where people say “how about swimming?” Well, I don’t swim well. That’s usually followed with one of two things: “you’re from Panama and you don’t swim well?” or “it’s a good time to learn”. I’m not paying for a gym and the pools in this area close when it’s ass biting cold. If I can’t run, I hope I can at least get my knee back to where I can ride a bicycle  – currently I can’t even do that.

That aside, man, I sure miss having my body weigh 30 pounds less…. I looked so much better and I certainly felt better. Oh, well. Hopefully tomorrow is the start of good news in that area. I’ll leave you with some views of my leg post-surgery.


I removed my bandages. I guess the doctor cut me. Deep.


The swelling left my knee looking like a blob


I had to write “yes” on my leg so that they didn’t do the wrong one? I tried to do a smiley.


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