sur·ren·dersəˈrendər/verbverb: surrender; 3rd person present: surrenders; past tense: surrendered; past participle: surrendered; gerund or present participle: surrendering1.cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.”over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities”


I give up. It’s true. A while ago I placed this as my Facebook status:
I wonder if I’m going to have to take a Facebook hiatus. There’s so much racist shit being regurgitated on here by people I know personally, so I’m comfortable saying they are (and always have been) brutally ignorant. Having a right to an opinion doesn’t make it valid if you’re stupid, racist and plain wrong.

These fucking couple of people on here are too stupid to know how dumb they are as they spew their bullshit, pound their chest – typos and grammatical errors included. Even if some don’t have the intelligence to know better, it should be harder to be racist when you’re a minority. God damn it. It’s a shame to see “adults” acting like ignorant bitches. Fuck.

Thank goodness that stupidity isn’t contagious and I hope it’s not genetic because otherwise some of these fucktards are polluting the planet by adding even more ignorant assholes to it. Figure out a way to add something positive to the problem’s solution. Racism isn’t it. Dickheads.

Truth is that for quite some time now, my Facebook feed has been overwhelmingly dominated by negative thinking. So many people are blatantly racist, as though any act of racism, violence or terrorism is a justification for a racist response.

Even if I could overlook the racism, a close second is relentless politic rhetoric and articles. It’s as though people actually believe that they are going to change the mind of someone else into voting the way they want. Trust me, nobody has changed their religion or their political views based on a meme or article you post on Facebook.


The seasonal garbage going on now is the dozens of videos people are posting showing people acting like animals and fist fighting each other in different stores throughout the country during Black Friday. At first I try to hide each item, but people want you to see how much they disagree with it, so they all post videos of it. It’s filthy and gross to watch people deteriorate into animals for greed and excess merchandise.



It used to be as simple as regular annoying posts being these fools pressing little buttons and thinking they’re hot DJ’s with some garbage music or photography. At least they were doing something they enjoyed and hurt no one (other than my eyes and ears).

For me social media has provided a stage where I can make people laugh and smile. It’s light and it’s tongue in cheek. Nothing gives me more pleasure and strokes my ego more than having someone take the time to write me letting me know that I posted a blog they enjoyed or I updated a status of Facebook that made them literally laugh out loud. That’s my gift, someone once said to me. To make people laugh. I didn’t give it much thought, but once I did I realized it CAN be if I view it that way. I’ve received messages from friends living abroad with similar reactions.

I don’t need to post atheist messages a few times a day to prove my point. I wouldn’t stoop to finding one-sided political memes to stoke a reaction from people. I haven’t even posted anything encouraging people to eat animals rather than being vegan (or any off-shoot of it).


I stick with silly messages meant to make people laugh, any interesting article I find that is unusual, commenting, congratulating and complimenting people for any event, success or action. I express my condolences and support where I can and I chat with a few people who are exposed to my perverted, sometimes vulgar and always entertaining language.

Most people grow accustomed to the fact that I can be intense, impatient and require attention. They don’t mind, but rather, expect my colorful language and random thought process. They also get to find out that I’m far nicer than I appear to be. (Well, not all. Some people have removed me from Facebook randomly, some don’t respond to messages – both can go fuck themselves).

I digress. The point is that these days I try to keep things fun, funny, entertaining and positive. All the shit most people are posting is just annoying at best, mind numbing at times and draining often. (I’m not even going to comment on the people who try to argue about boxing with me while holding a fraction of the knowledge of  the sport that I do). Not to mention the hypocrites posting spiritual and positive messages when I know them to be completely different than that (men and women).

With that, I am taking a brief hiatus from Facebook. Days perhaps. A week? Two? I don’t know. I just can’t keep reading the ignorance daily and maintain the positive perspective that energizes me. If you need me or want to shoot me a message, texting is the best option. Don’t foget: Anyone can text me, but unless you’re a cute girl, don’t call me. Unless you’re my mother I will not answer (and even she catches me on like a 75%-25% rate). No, you’re not the exception. Maybe whenever I return people will be a little more tolerant, calm and/or intelligent. I will still man the blog as something sticks in my mind and will do the same with my IG. Until then…..


The Lizzle

  1. Anonymous says:

    happy holidays, Lee! and may 2016 be cheerful for you! don

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