Earlier this month I intended to visit a new winery in the area.

I guess it’s more like “in this general area” because I will drive out to get to some places, but I keep it within less than 2 hours. This turns into a iPhone on Shuffle car sing-along so I don’t mind much (keep that in mind in case you want to tag along. The singing is part of the experience).

I drove to Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA. “Where is that” you might ask. Hell if I know. I just found it, put it on the GPS and hoped for the best. Much to  my delight, the winery is incredibly pet friendly. There were dogs everywhere. Some of the biggest dogs I have ever seen were walking around. It was great. Thing is that there were just too many people. It’s clearly a very popular spot as noted by the small tour buses that kept arriving. Many limos were parked outside as well.


When you reach the end of the road that leads to the winery, there is a sign for Barrel Oak Winery and right next to it was an intriguing sign that read Maidstone Meadery this way. Being that I’m very impressionable, I knew I would go to the meadery once I was done at the winery. I did a wine tasting, purchased a few bottles and had a (mediocre) meal and moved on.

It was a little tricky to get to the meadery. You have to take a little road that seems too narrow for two vehicles to drive in opposite directions. When you arrive, the signage isn’t entirely clear on where you should go. I knew it was either going to be amazing or I recognized it as the start of many horror movies. I was OK with either one that day. I reached the other side of the building and was greeted by a warm entrance.


The first thing I noticed was that there were not a lot of people, which suited me perfectly fine. I walked in and found that there were different types of mead available and promptly set up a tasting with the owner, who is an incredibly friendly guy. He humored the dozens of questions I had as I learned more about mead and this particular meadery. I know, the owner doesn’t look all that friendly there, but that was my fault. I’m pretty sure I just whipped out the phone and took a pic as he spoke. He continued to humor me.



So engrossed was I in the entire experience that I lost any type of situational awareness and didn’t realize I was standing directly next to a covered beehive.


The interior of this place is small and quaint and probably can’t accommodate many people. However, although not many people remained, I noticed many people came, made a purchase and left. I knew I was on to something and I tried all the different mead.

I purchased a few bottles and was planning on carrying it to the car when I realized there was outdoor seating next to a fire. Maidstone Meadery seems to be on a farm, so  there was the occasional chicken wandering about. I sat and enjoyed a few glasses of mead by the fire until it was time to go.


The meads are: The Gold Standard, which although tasted great was too sweet for me. Wild Times, which was nicer flavored than the fist. The Whiskey Barrel select is what I came for and didn’t know it. This is aged in whiskey barrels so it has a nice whiskey taste along with the honey. The Bragging Rights has hops so it’s like a honey beer. I changed my mind and bought more mead. I knew I’d return but I didn’t know when. It was definitely one of the neatest places I’ve found since my relocation.

I still don’t know where the hell Delaplane is.


Give me your damn input!

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