The truth is that it hadn’t even crossed my mind that Valentine’s Day was looming. Had it not been for one particularly sweet person, I may not have noticed.

I had been seeing someone this time last year so I hadn’t had Valentine’s Day as a single guy in some time. Before I begin sharing my short story, I do realize that it’s January 29th as I write this. However, unless something magical happens between now and then, yes, I’m pretty confident I’ll be single (and enjoying all the depravity that allows me).


I recently received a message from someone I’ve known since high school. We don’t chat all the time, but just on random occasions. Usually we chat about random topics, really. The last time we spoke? All I remember was zombies. What can I say? TheĀ  more conventional something is, the less interesting it is to me. I always remember “live life intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.” Sure, I paraphrased, but it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.

So my friend asked me for my current mailing address so that she could send me a Valentine’s Day card. She had done it once before as well, but I’ve since moved. I commented on how nice a gesture it was but I gave it more thought later.

It’s kind of crazy to me that someone, somewhere would want to take their time to do something as small as send a card just to be nice. Don’t misinterpret the gesture, this isn’t a single girl trying to court me. It’s legitimately someone doing one of those rare, genuinely sweet gestures for no reason. Well, there must be a reason right? Someone would have to think enough of me to be willing to perform a nice gesture and not consider it wasted.

Just the other day I was speaking with one of my younger brothers about something completely unrelated. “I don’t know, man. Most days I don’t like me. I don’t know what it is they see” I said about myself, partially joking (the other part was totally serious). Even in normal scenarios I can be a bit challenging to deal with. The most common words I have ever heard referring to a description of myself are: cynical, intense and abrasive. I can’t argue. But on this day, someone confused me with wanting to do something nice. Yet again! I wish there were more people like that. Not only because then I would have like 1 million cards but also because the world seems a bit devoid of kind gestures these days. It could benefit from thoughtful people.

Plus, my friend, whatever in the world you see in me that makes you think I’m good enough to receive a kind gesture from – I hope it’s catching! In this case, size doesn’t matter – it’s the little things.

– The Lizzle

  1. Nadia says:

    Lee, you rock! In high school, I thought that you and Joe, were genuinely nice guys, and I’m willing to bet that you still are. So, like I said, you rock. You are so deserving of a card, any day of the week… even, if it’s a creepy zombie card.

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