Quite literally, I have been receiving spam Emails from Cleveland Clinic for years.

At first I was confused as I followed the process of unsubscribe, but a few weeks later I would receive more spam. I know I can filter my emails to junk the messages, but this wasn’t regular spam. It was originating from a legitimate place: Cleveland Clinic.

My next step was calling the office and requesting removal. I did so twice and continued to receive spam. I emailed them through their website as well (as no email addresses are available) to no avail.

I finally lost my composure and tried to reach out to Cleveland Clinic’s Twitter (this has worked in the past when I escaped the clutches of a car loan from Capital One). Unsurprisingly, they did not reply. Sure, it was a gamble, but I thought I could harass them into submission.





With the new failure under my belt, I accepted a few spam emails before I  decided to dig a little deeper. I was able to find that the person who runs Cleveland Clinic is Delos “Toby” Cosgrove. I was able to find that Toby had a Twitter account @tobycosgrovemd. My next step was to send Toby a message and try to get his attention.


As soon as I did that, I realized it wasn’t enough. I had been annoyed and ignored for so long that I pulled out the shovel and dug deeper. I located a comprehensive list of the Board of Directors of Cleveland Clinic. The next step was to find out how their emails are set up. I was able to find out what the format is for email addresses in Cleveland Clinic. Now I could get to work. I picked the first 15 names on the list and formatted the email addresses and shot them a line:

Good afternoon, Cleveland Clinic-folk! Below you will find the latest email that Cleveland Clinic continues to send me as spam on a regular basis. At this stage I have: unsubscribed from emails, called multiple times to request my email address be removed, emailed requesting to be removed from your spam distribution list and sent messages via Twitter. As you can clearly see, I’m still receiving endless spam from you guys.

Now, some would argue that I could filter my email to junk anything from Cleveland Clinic. Although that would be correct, it would not address the point that I’m now being harassed by the incessant emails and my pleas to stop are purposely being ignored. I have opted to write you all to say hello and bring to your attention the relentless email spam campaign in the hopes that you may have more luck requesting my removal from the spam distribution list. I will let all of you know when I have received more emails by contacting you again. And again. Thanks!

Sometimes I must be cruel only to be kind. And now we wait.


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