What a way to end my week!

I’m trying to make some space around my apartment so I have put up for sale some comics I have. As you can see, it takes up a bit of space.

I eventually am contacted by a guy who said his name was Pierre and said he wanted to look at the comics. My ad has a general address and I said we could meet that Sunday but only in the afternoon. So far so good. By the weekend I had already searched Pierre’s information and found nothing to be concerned about. Plus, I have surveillance in my apartment so I’d find comfort in vengeance should I be chopped up.

Well, the next morning I wake up this:


I also had text messages from Pierre telling me he was on the way and wanted to “gauge” if that was OK. I didn’t like that this guy was calling me so early on a Sunday, I didn’t like that this guy was calling me incessantly and I didn’t like that he somehow thought it was OK to head out and try to get me to meet in the morning when I said I couldn’t. I don’t know. Something felt off about the whole thing so I chose not to to through with the transaction. I emailed Pierre and let him know that I would be unable to meet today but would be able to do so at a SafeTrade location the following week. Pierre felt slighted and shot me an email:

From Pierre:
A police station is better. Do you think I’m planning on robbing you of your comics? I’m a retired military person with 28 years active duty(O.R.TECH) I retired 2 years ago. At least that’s what my DD form 214 says. I believe you were the one who said that you didn’t want to  carry those boxes around. I am African American. Let’s meet so you can shake off your negative stereotype of inner city folks. I don’t want you to think that every African American that you meet is planning to do bodily harm to you. There are a lot of white guys,Spanish guys and just unscrupulous folks that are out there but sorry I’m just not one of them. Again, I would love to meet you just to see the embarrassment on your face. The only reason I kept calling you this morning was because I was so tired and sleepy and I got you confused with another collection that I’m buying. I got in from Richmond, Va. at 3:30 this morning and hell yes I was tired.

I’m really not a big fan of explaining myself, but this guy’s knee-jerk response was a bit much so I had to.

From Lee:
Wow. Where to begin. Let’s just say that I somehow felt I had to explain myself. To be clear, I don’t at all. I just did for the humor of it because I find your email almost funny in its inappropriateness.

  1. That’s what a SafeTrade location is. A local police station.
  2. No, I don’t anticipate anyone strong-arming me out of 5-6 big, heavy boxes and sneaking away. I didn’t explain the “why” because I didn’t need to.
  3. While your military service is something people should feel a sense of gratitude towards, it’s irrelevant to a Craigslist purchase. It’s also irrelevant as an indicator of what type of person you are or are not. What I do for a living is equally as irrelevant to a Craigslist transaction. What someone does for a living isn’t a good indicator of their personality.
  4. I went back and checked my ad and it turns out I don’t have it listed for sale only to a specific race, so the fact that you feel the need to tell me that you’re African American and suggesting I have some type of African American or “inner city folk” stereotype is odd, at best. It’s also an incredible jump to an irrational conclusion and I feel kind of bad for you if that’s how you view the world.
  5. Truth is, after telling you that I would be available only Sunday afternoon, I felt highly uncomfortable with you calling me 7 times beginning at 8:28 AM on a Sunday. Since I felt uncomfortable, I simply opted to not have the stranger who made me uncomfortable drop by where I live. It’s as simple as that. I was, however, willing to accommodate meeting at another location and another day (as I mentioned previously). That’s obviously not the case anymore, but perhaps you can at least not feel that I didn’t sell items to you because I’m afraid “inner city folk” are going to rob me, murder me and sell my organs.
  6. “Spanish” guys are from Spain. The correct term is Hispanic or Latin, depending on what generalization you were going for.

I can’t believe I actually felt like i had to write this Pierre guy back! Look, Pierre. Sometimes things don’t have anything to do with race. Sometimes things just happen the way they do because you’re a dick. Being a dick transcends race, gender, and even species (because even dogs can act like dicks). Not even my friends call me on Sunday morning and certainly not 7 times in a day. Well, not unless I’ve done something wrong, which is always a possibility but still.

  1. The Oracle says:

    Good call. Pierre is not well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great response, I’d like to know if he has the presumptuous balls to reply back.

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