I’m just a random, allegedly funny guy with a particularly cynical and sarcastic view of the world. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, perspectives, memories and experiences.

I generally have a lot to say, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is much substance to it. It’s the same in my day to day life, I say what pops into my head and sometimes it’s brilliance and sometimes it’s madness.

I’m not even slightly religious, I tend to be politically incorrect, borderline immoral (if not completely) and pretty direct and blunt.

I tend to try and find humor and/or a different perspective in absolutely everything. I curse. A lot. If you’re easily offended, I suggest you find the exit very quickly before I pollute your impressionable mind……

If not, then read on and don’t forget to always share your thoughts! I’m always open to complaints (mostly to laugh at and make fun of you) compliments (I love them), flattery (it gets you everywhere with me) and suggestions. Don’t be scared. Yet. EMAIL ME

You can also stalk me here:
instagram: @sirtilc42


Versatile Blogger Award – May 2012



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