My friends

PTY Canal zone:

 PTY Canal zone

Balboa Bulldogs:

Balboa Bulldogs

PCC Green Devils:

Green Devils

Cristobal Tigers:


Red Machine:

Red Machine

Curundu Cougars:


Red Machine 2:

Red Machine

Cristobal Tigers 2:


Green Devils 2:

Green Devils

Balboa Bulldogs 2:


Endless Gigi Rocks:

Hand made, custom made jars from one of the coolest chicks EVER. Click the image to visit her site!

Howler Monkey Sauce:

Kick ass hot sauce Panamanian style! 

Back 2 Basicz:

Where you will find everything from music, fashion, sports and La Jefa’s three cents about any an everything that has to do with entertainment.  Download the latest music from your favorite, not so favorite and up and coming artists! Bookmark us!

Las Antillas Cafe y Refresqueria:

Las Antillas-Cafe y Refresqueria en Panama donde puedes encontrar artesanias y comida afro antillana! Todo hecho en casa.
Cafe in Panama where you can find African/Caribbean inspired food and artifacts all made in house! Be sure to visit us in Cerro Ancon!


Scensty is a safe alternative method to scented candles. They are flameless and wickless. They are decorative, lit up by a low watt bulb of that’s fragrance is provided by a wax which is safe for pets and children. There are MANY scents to choose from as well as additional products!

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