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Quite literally, I have been receiving spam Emails from Cleveland Clinic for years.



Today I received junk mail from a pet company selling cages. They must not know about me…. (more…)

A new Email scammer came through. I couldn’t resist…. (more…)

At this stage I have received so many different messages from friends who enjoyed my dealings with scam artists. So much so that they forward me their spam (I’m getting recycled spam, go figure) (more…)

So just like everyone else, I often find my Emails polluted by senseless spam. I know it’s not directed to me personally as sometimes it includes information for enlargements of body parts, but I get a variety of them. I actually have a personal Email which I keep mostly private and one which I use when I need to provide an Email as I assume regardless of assurances, it will be sold for a trillion dollars (my information is that valuable) and I will receive unsolicited Emails. (more…)